Selasa, 18 Desember 2012


Can't wait!!!! this is H-3 to a looooooooooooooooong holiday guys!!yuhuuuu<3 who's excited?!!!but................i don't have any plans for this holiday._. POOR ME lol.....owkayyyyyy but  i think i will spend my holiday only at home and trying to enjoy it. I can't imagine that..a long holiday....only at home...just playing coomputer...check my,sleep omg

maybe i'm gonna be as this kid........

what a perfect holiday</3

But i and my family will go to bekasi for this holiday but...........only for a day....hell-o this is a long holiday but we will spend it just for one day?!!!it's okay gaisss teu nanaon </3


Selasa, 27 November 2012

High School !

This is me and my friends were at school ;) luv this moment so damn much!!!!!

Well you can say i'm a little bit crazy!lol got so much fun!!luv ya!<3

Tumblr (Pics)

Hi Guys!miss me?! YEAH OF COURSE! lol i really really miss my amazing blog<3 NOW I'LL POST SOME AMAZING PIC yeah amazing like my blog B-) lol here we are~

PARIS and LONDON are my DREAMS. Dreams do come true right?;)

Minggu, 26 Agustus 2012

Photo with the fans (beliebers)

"For people who don't know. i took all the fan pics on my phone so I'm tweeting them so they have the pics. #beliebers #family" - JUSTIN BIEBER
Well :)) Justin shared all pics with his fans on twitter and it makes me so jelly lol  who's wanna see it?i'm gonna upload it so.......BE JEALOUS! lol


As Long As You Love Me

What do you guys think about this video ? omg i love it so much Justin looks so perfffffff hmmmm perfffffff PERFECT !!!


Sabtu, 11 Agustus 2012

I Miss You !

Hello!i'm sorry long time i didn't posting !i'm so busy:(
So......what should i do now?how about JB?or Selena?omg i'm so confused ! i want to post all about them!but i dont have so much time!!arghhh
I know!!! i'll post about my new school! do u all agree with mw?! yeah of course lol . okay wait for a second ;;) lol xoxo

Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

Thank You Westlife

#ThankyouWestlife for an amazing 14 years...i grew up listening to your songs , till i'm mature now i still listening to your songs, i really didn't think this day would favorite boyband will split up. omg can't believe it happen *sad* . Without WESTLIFE my life would be nothing, i know them since i was 4 years old and now i'm fifteen , i really really have some great memories of them , they're the first boyband i know.. i'm gonna crying this day would come .they're do their last perform in Croke Park i hope i could be there to see them for the first time and the LAST time.
I've learned so many things from you guys , you're all really inspired me *sad* . Mark , Shane , Kian , and Nicky u guys are awesome!i love u all ! thank you for the 14 years! Been a westlife fan for as long as i remember, and i'm gonna be there till the end ! and now is the end but i'll be there for u guys till my heart stop beating *sadsadsad*
I swear i won't cry just because of this ! I SWEAR ! i swear :'( but i can't.......

Thank you WESTLIFE for made my day , thank you for everything, thank you guys you're awesome. MARK ,SHANE,NICKY,KIAN i love you so much!

i hope someday i can meet them....... love.

Still with Brian....

Westlife & 1D....

Kian Egan...

Markus Feehily...

Nicky Byrne...

and the lead.. SHANE FILAN...


Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

Believe out!

hello ! do you miss me?:p lewat deh ah-__-

yang ga ngerti bisa pakai translate yaa , translate nya ada disebelah kanan ;))

You can download it here #BELIEVEisHERE >>

okay enjoy ya!!!

Senin, 18 Juni 2012

A Belieber got raped

have you heard about this girl ???? who got raped after saw Justin's concert for 3 days and she only had 10$  and she was left on the streets....finally she find her way back to home but unlucky her mom got killed on a car accident....
her story got put on twitter and Justin found about it so Justin took out her for dinner :')

They cried together :') Justin has a BIG heart , i'm proud of him :')

Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

BELIEVE IS OUT in australia

Believe out tanggal 19 June , tapi di Australia tanggal 14 June....

Ada salah satu followers gue yang udah bikin gue jelly banget namanya......kita samarkan aja jadi courtney *eh emg namanya courtney kali ah-_- wkwk , betapa beruntungnya dia....jengjeng.....dia udah di follow Justin , di reply mentionnya 2 kali, di RT????lahhh udh pasti pernah-____- dia orang aussie so dia udh denger album Believe *ahhhhh gue merasa merasa merasa <//3 lol

look her tweets
3 minutes later.....
 @JustinBieberAUS :  IS SO GOOD OMG.
ohiyeeee die ngepost ini jugaaaa.....


oke keep calm yaaa ntar juga keluar 19 June tapi buat belieb INA yg sabar aja yaaa :') kita memang selalu ketinggalan wkwkk , ohiya tau gaa masa ada salah satu toko online yg udh jual album believe Justin seharga....MAU TAU AJA APA MAU TAU BANGET?! lolol seharga RP.35.000,- WEITSSSS don't buy it !!! it's not ori!! NO NO NO ! please respect Justin kek yaa udah kerja cape cape eeeeeeeeeeee kita malah beli yang no no no BIG NOOOOOO !

Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

Daftar Lagu pada Album Believe

maaf sebelumnya saya udah pernah post masalah ini ! tapi kayanya ada beberapa yang salah --" maaf GA ADA KATA MAAF
Jadi ini daftar lagu pada album Believe :

1.All Around The World feat. Ludacris
3.As Long As You Love Me feat. Big Sean
4.Take You
5.Right Here feat. Drake
6.Catching Feelings
8.Die In Your Arms
9.Thought Of You
10.Beauty and A Beat feat Nicki Minaj
11.One Love
12.Be Alright
14.Out Of Town Girl
15.She Don't Like The Lights


COPYCAT? no ! big no!!! copycat only kill their own beautiful creativity....they're always copy someones style..well you have your own style come on :--) please stop copy someones style...
Copying someones style it doesn't make you "ORIGINAL".
A girls who's copy another females style just shows that you don't have creativity...when you copy my styles i can't trust you again SORRY :-)
i've said that "You can copy my style , tweet , pictures , or etc. BUT YOU CAN'T BE ME."
When you copy my style SORRY it doesn't look good on you... I'm unique . why? because i have my own means you're not unique because you copy my style..
All i want to say is....... "Just beyourself don't copy someone else , believe in yourself!"

stop copy someones style okay?


Stop Hating on Them!

dear HATERS......
Can u stop hating please????you're so annoying , i know you're hating on Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber but it hurts my feelings.... I just want to share my story , a day ago i got mention from SELENA's HATERS , and then i asked her why she hates on selena? and she answered "SHE IS A GIRL WHO LIVE A DREAM AND THAT'S NO FAIR BECAUSE SHE IS AN UGLY UNTALENTED FAMEWHORE" well i think she's just jealous of Selena , i mean look at her self then look at Selena, or maybe she's jealous because Selena is Justin's girlfriend?well i don't know....
and then after that i got new mention from another Selena's haters....
well she called me "dumb as* " i'm not angry i just replied her mention with "smiley face" Justin taught me to kill haters with the kindness.....
maybe i'm not the only one who get this cyber bullying , i don't care what haters saying... SELENA and JUSTIN are still my idol... I'm crying when i saw a video of "Selena's Fan" she made that video for the haters...i'm crying!you know why?!! because i saw on that video Selena get hurts and she's crying too ! omg HATERS u should stop hating on her...she's just a sweet girl who live her life , she's my role model , and she's my inspiration , she's the reason of Justin's smile too. and the important is "IF YOU HURTS SELENA YOU HURTS JUSTIN" i'm happy if Justin happy with selena...
Why you can't stop hating on her?what would you do if that happen to your IDOL? maybe you would like me support them and kill the haters with the kindness.....

"People should stop hating on Selena. if you don't like her, ignore her. I personally think she is talented. she may not be the best singer in the world, but her music is entertaining and empowering. And she's great actress, a nice person, down to heart and has a huge heart. leave her alone."

"It's hard enough growing up, and figuring out who you are and what on earth you wanna be, and it doesn't help when people are constantly cutting you down."

"Selena you're the best , you're my role model , you're my inspiration , you're my hero ,i'll always support you #weloveselena . "

"I love selena gomez, she doesn't deserve the hate she gets."

"Dear're all just jealous of THEM, you can't be like THEM."

"I love haters! kill them with the kindness ! "

Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

Paris part II

Bonjour! Tu me manques :) Je vous aime les gars, comment allez-vous?
I just know that word-.- lolol that means "Hello , I miss you :) I love you guys , how are u?"
hahhaa , well long time i didn't post about Paris now i'll make a story about Paris....

Here ya go!!!

"PARIS" one word but it means everything to me.... why am i so inspired with that country?why not US , UK or  etc... well every countries have the uniquenees of each and i think Paris is better and different than another countries , Paris is an amazing country wuth the beautiful views ever~ when i was young i said to my mum that i promised to take her to Eiffel Tower :) well that's my dream since i was child...
And my another dream is go travel to Paris with the one i love it will be so romantic aww lol
If i could visit paris , the first place visited was Eiffel Tower... who's agree with me?haha

wow Eiffel Tower is so amazing! i hope i can go there one day! yeay yeay!
Love you guys! Je t'aime !

Mustache Cursor

Look at my cursor ! omg so cute rite? haha do u want it??hemm okay i'll give it to you haha
okay this is the step :

1. Go to this link >> Click here
2. Choose your cursor
3. Copy this code

<style type="text/css">

body{cursor: url(""), auto;}

change that different code with your pic's code that u want to choose..
4.Save it and HOPE U LIKE IT ! :)

Jumat, 08 Juni 2012


wowww mana dong suaranya yg seneng di noticed Justin dan merasa beliebers INA hoho
Hari ini beliebers INA beruntung karena pas "Gue Cinta Justin Bieber" jd TTWW ga disangka sangka si bag ntin ON ! dan dia nge tweet gini.....

@justinbieber : Indonesia i love you too. Thanks for the TT

Wew gue langsung shock


Rasanya kaya yang di lempar ke langit......

That's it kali yah habis ini gue mau kepoin TL justin lagi ok!
Peace , Love , and Gaul ! *loh? wkwkk

Quote for today :
̶i̶ ̶w̶̶i̶̶s̶̶h̶ ... I will meet Justin Drew Bieber someday because dreams do come true if you never say never.♥ 

Rainbow Link!

Liat deh kalau aku nge post link kalian deketin kursor nya terus liatttt warnanya so cute alias rainbow...Do u want to try on your own blog?:)
It's easy This is the step :

Tata Letak >> Add Gadget >> HTML/Java Script .Then paste this link ....

<script src="" type="text/javascript">

Saved it! It's easy right?;)

Kamis, 07 Juni 2012

Selena Gomez Photoshoot For Forbes

Hola selenators {} long time not post about Sel , i know this is old photos but i haven't post it hehe .This Selena when she had Photoshoot for Forbes Magazine..

Girl Things

This is fact haha yeaah this is just a girl things to be YOUNG , WILD , and FREE

omg you know what?!!i'm twirling my hair too... EVERDAY lolol