Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

My Foreign Friend

I will introduce my foreign friend her name is Irem Susluoglu she likes reading books and she has a bird i almost know all about her although we are in two different countries ,she lives in Turkey and i lives in Indonesia .We've known each other since one year ago , i'm still remembered when she sent me a message ,she always sent me a message mmm maybe once a day she always sent it . But now we have our future in our hands and we walk on our way ,but i hope we'll never end .She's always care all about me and she's like my sister i love her as my sister not as friend but it was 3 months until she was disappeared ☹ she never sent me a message again ,she never ask my condition again so yesterday i sent her a message and asked about her condition i hope she will reply it because i'm so concerned about her . i hope we'll met one each other ..that's my wish & hope for this year and also i got a highscores for my exam xixi ♡ 
this is the pictures of me and her ♡♡♡


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