Jumat, 27 April 2012

The beautiful View In Paris

"A bad day in Paris is still better than a good day in anywhere else" i think that quotes is true , do u believe?no?ok that's good , because i'm not God so don't believe me lol xx but if i'm true u have to believe me , and now i'm true ! i'm not lying! a bad day in Paris is better than anywhere else-_-

look ! this is when Paris in the rain

still awesome & more beautiful ! oh God ! but when it rain in Jakarta then immediately flood hit-_- lol xx
this is the reason why i loveeeeeeee Paris and you know the view in Paris is sooooooooo beautiful especially in Eiffel Tower! 18 years ago my father visited Paris i'm so jealous-_- lol xx and now he always told me about view in Paris and all about Paris , and it make me moreeeee fall in loveeeeeeeee with Paris ! and my father took a pict in front of Eiffel Tower aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i'm jealous big big big jealous haha but it's ok i trust when i'm grow old i WILL visitting Paris from the results of my work :) that's my dream. how about ur dreams?u can tell me about ur dreams on comment and i will make it a story on my blog ! come on guys!!

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