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Jacob Whitesides (Bio)


Jacob Whitesides is a singer songwriter from Knoxville, Tennessee. He has been playing since the age of eight and say he never wants to stop! He is now 14 and is playing all around Knoxville, and surrounding areas. He is an experienced guitar player and singer who puts favorable twists on covers and writes his own music! Jacob was inspired at a Bluegrass festival in 2008, and ever since then he knew he wanted to do music for a living! He also plays other instruments such as drums, ukulele, and electric lead.
One thing that separates Jacob from some of the best musicians in the business is his humbleness and love for music! Another feature that strikes people about Jacob is how genuine he is. He is Knoxville Tennessee’s “Best Young Voice” of the year for 2011 in the junior voice competition for a good reason. On ‘I Love You’ Whitesides draws on influences from the world of blues infused rock while jumping on a ‘Grenade’ gets the appropriate highs and lows and soulful delivery as Jacob properly belts it, especially at the climax, something that’s missed in most covers of the song by young people.
Jacob has played a variety of shows, events, and festivals. From “Bieber” parties for little girls, to rocking it out on the big stage opening up for big name acts like “Jimi Vanzant!” Whether its 10 people or 100000 people he rocks it out like he’s playing a sold out arena! Jacob is a sleeper success because like his vocal style, he’ll creep up on the music world and pounce on it when the moment is right. Contact Jacob’s manager Michael at 865.805.7430!
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