Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

Jacob Whitesides

Hello ! nice to see u again (: x .OMG can't believe it my viewers grow so fast! thank you so much for visitting my blog , i'm so happy (:
Today i'll tell u about Jacob Whitesides (: , do u know him?he is a singer u can click here if u wanna see him , he is a boy with a lot of talent . He is so amazing ! u can follow him on twitter (Jacob's twitter) he's following me on twitter and i'm so very very happy and he is always retweet my tweet! OMG can't believe it (:

Look he replied my tweet and say i love you to me!! aaaa LOL

And he retweeted my tweet again and again (:

This is my favorite video of him when he covered Justin Bieber's song !


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