Jumat, 25 Mei 2012

My Bieber Experience ? hemm

Justin Drew Bieber 3 words that really meaningful to me , I'm sorry before because i can't speak English well hhe :) but i'm trying to make this letter so wonderfull <3 . Okay we start the story...Hello my name is Gita , i'm 15 years old and i'm from Indonesia :) I became a belieber since 2010. I kept listening to your songs EVERYDAY haha.
JUSTIN BIEBER I never met you before , I never went to your concert too OMB it hurts when i can't go to ur concert but what can i do?:( my mom never allowed me to go to your concert:'( Do u remember when you had a concert in INDONESIA ? 23rd April 2011 i always remembered that....... that day i'm just crying at my room because i can't go to your concert:'( and then I opened my facebook account i saw my friend post a picture of her when she watched ur concert THIS is what i feeling right now---> "Me : I want to meet JUSTIN BIEBER" "Security:No" "Life:No" "Parents:No" "Dream:It's okay,do u wanna marry him too?"
JUSTIN BIEBER thank you so much for being my inspiration , thank you for teaching me how to "NEVER SAY NEVER" on my dreams , your music helped me grow stronger, thank you for being there when us (beliebers) need you. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING , BEING MY INSPIRATION, HERO AND LOVE. U MEAN THE WORLD TO ME ...THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 I hope i can meet you Justin :') and can you help me to get ticket to your concert and see you pleaseee????I never said it will happen, but i can hope and pray it will.
and thank you for MOM PATTIE YOU'RE THE BEST MOM EVER <3
Gita Puspita (@)

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