Selasa, 12 Juni 2012


COPYCAT? no ! big no!!! copycat only kill their own beautiful creativity....they're always copy someones style..well you have your own style come on :--) please stop copy someones style...
Copying someones style it doesn't make you "ORIGINAL".
A girls who's copy another females style just shows that you don't have creativity...when you copy my styles i can't trust you again SORRY :-)
i've said that "You can copy my style , tweet , pictures , or etc. BUT YOU CAN'T BE ME."
When you copy my style SORRY it doesn't look good on you... I'm unique . why? because i have my own means you're not unique because you copy my style..
All i want to say is....... "Just beyourself don't copy someone else , believe in yourself!"

stop copy someones style okay?


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