Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

Paris part II

Bonjour! Tu me manques :) Je vous aime les gars, comment allez-vous?
I just know that word-.- lolol that means "Hello , I miss you :) I love you guys , how are u?"
hahhaa , well long time i didn't post about Paris now i'll make a story about Paris....

Here ya go!!!

"PARIS" one word but it means everything to me.... why am i so inspired with that country?why not US , UK or  etc... well every countries have the uniquenees of each and i think Paris is better and different than another countries , Paris is an amazing country wuth the beautiful views ever~ when i was young i said to my mum that i promised to take her to Eiffel Tower :) well that's my dream since i was child...
And my another dream is go travel to Paris with the one i love it will be so romantic aww lol
If i could visit paris , the first place visited was Eiffel Tower... who's agree with me?haha

wow Eiffel Tower is so amazing! i hope i can go there one day! yeay yeay!
Love you guys! Je t'aime !

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